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ZP-D600 automatic paper plate forming machine

ZP-D600 automatic paper plate forming machine
  • ZP-D600 automatic paper plate forming machine
Product Description

Product Description
Applications:Automatic paper dish tamping machine is exploited to the requirement of market. It is the air power type owned unique intellectual property right, with the function of automatic forming advance.shaped,dish out and temperature control,automatic counting.automatic collection.the working speed is rapid,and the operating is safe.the maintenance is convenient. 


NO. Machine Name Model Unit Price
1 ZP-D600 automatic paper plate forming machine ZP-D600 46,000RMB

ZP-D600 automatic paper plate forming machine Introduction:
ZP-D600-speed automatic paper plate machine is developed according to market needs and design, with automatic pneumatic suction paper feed, thermoforming, automatic dish and temperature control, automatic counting, stacked disk and other functions, directly supporting production lines. We are producing a variety of round paper plates, paper plates and a square shaped paper plates (set) the ideal equipment.
ZP-D600 paper plates (set) machine compared with the conventional automatic paper drive, which regrouped the principle of pneumatic and mechanical combination of higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, more convenient maintenance and more humane design advantages.
ZP-D600 high-speed automatic paper changer with fast type pressurized cylinder, maximum pressure up to 5T, it is the ordinary machine cylinder having a faster and more environmentally friendly than other advantages.
ZP-D600-speed automatic paper plates (set) machine is widely used in the production of raw material in paper or aluminum foil dish (plate) child. By exchanging mold can produce different specifications, different shapes of round or square dishes, plates.

ZP-D600 advantage compared with the product:
1. Independent research and development, new products
2. The use of rapid-type pressurized cylinder, each station faster than conventional machines 15-20 pcs / min
3. Feed mechanical work, stable performance. Compared with ordinary type of off-paper technology, the rejection rate is greatly reduced to ten thousandths.
The more humane, efficient own number plate, automatic number plate stacked disk and other features, compared to ordinary machines can save a half of labor.
5. directly with the packaging machine (tray overwrap film), labeling machine (after a good package labeling). Suitable for assembly line.
6. Can automatic production of various non-standard products, the yield of one hundred percent, to solve the ordinary machine can not complete the puzzle.

The main technical parameters:
Paper Plate Size: 4--15 inch (diameter, round paper plates) (mold exchangeable);
Paper material: 100 --- 1,000 grams / square meter (paper, white paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil or other paper thickness greater than 1.5mm, recommended hydroforming cylinders;
Production speed: 55-70 pieces / min
Power Requirements: 220V 50Hz;
Total power: 3 KW;
Weight: 500 KG;
Dimensions: (length x width x height) 3500 x 800 x 2100 mm;
Supporting Air source: Working pressure 0.7MPa, working volume 1.5 m3 / min;
Additional notes: We can customize according to customer requirements production of a variety of paper plates machinery.

Pressurized cylinder main technical parameters:
Gas flow rate: 1.5 m3 / min.
Pressure: 0.55-0.7 Mpa
Cylinder stroke: 150 mm

A full paper plate production process:

1. In the printing paper printed pattern and size of their own needs (the following is printed pattern, have not done molding, flat piece of paper)

2. The printed sheets of paper punched into various shapes: buy or die-cutting machine to complete this process in printing

3. Direct the cut and printed paper to the production sector on a tray machine

The final shape

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