PE Coated Laminating Machine

SJFM Paper Plastic Composite Machine

SJFM Paper Plastic Composite Machine

Product Description

Main technical parameters:

model SJFM-1300 SJFM-1600 SJFM-1800
length of die lip 1400mm 1800mm 2000mm
Width of coating 600-1250mm 800-1500mm 900-1700mm
Max speed 100-150m/min 100-150m/min 100-150m/min
thickness of shower film 0.008-0.05mm 0.008-0.05mm 0.008-0.05mm
L/D ratio for screw Φ105mm×30 Φ120mm×32 Φ140mm×32
Dia of roll Φ1300mm Φ1300mm Φ1300mm
overall size 9600×8600×3200mm 9600×9000×3200mm 9600×9300×3200mm
power 80kw 100kw 130kw
Cooling roller dia Φ510mm Φ510mm Φ610mm
Applicable for base material PAPER from 35-400gsm/㎡

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