What is box forming machine?
Posted on 22 Wed 2024

In the modern packaging industry, a box erecting machine is an automated equipment used to convert flat cardboard into cartons that can be erected, closed and filled. This kind of machine plays a vital role in the automated or semi-automated packaging process, significantly improving production efficiency and packaging quality.


Working principle

The working principle of the box forming machine usually includes the following steps:


Picking up cardboard: The machine uses air suction or vacuum devices to absorb or grab the flat cardboard and place it in the forming area.

Folding cardboard: Under the specifications set by the machine, the cardboard is folded by a mechanical device.

Heating and air pressure forming: It is driven by the clamping chain into the forming mold, and the lower film is stretched out into the required box shape through heating and air pressure inside the forming mold.

Swinging packaging: Put the products to be packaged (through the swinging device) into the formed boxes in the swinging area.


Technical features

The cardboard box machine adopts advanced folding technology to ensure that each carton can be folded and positioned accurately, thus ensuring the consistency and reliability of packaging. For example, the HBJ-D800GS/1200GS High Speed Paper Carton Erecting Machine that greatly improves packaging efficiency through automation and revolutionary folding technology.


In addition, these machines are highly automated and can quickly convert flat cardboard into fully formed, ready-to-fill cartons. This automation not only increases productivity but also reduces manual labor costs while ensuring that each carton is dimensioned, folded and closed with precision, reducing the risk of damaged or collapsed packaging.


A lunch box machine is a machine used to form cardboard or corrugated cardboard into cartons according to specific process requirements. It can automatically complete a series of processes such as cardboard cutting, folding, and gluing, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Application scenarios

  • Agricultural industry

Box forming machines are used for packaging agricultural products, producing plantation packaging boxes, agricultural product transportation boxes, seed packaging boxes, etc. to protect agricultural products from damage.


  • Pharmaceutical industry

Box-type forming machines are used for pharmaceutical packaging to produce pharmaceutical packaging boxes, medical device packaging boxes, test kits, etc., to meet strict health standards and quality requirements.


  • IT

Box-type forming machines are used for electronic product packaging, producing electronic product packaging boxes, parts packaging boxes, component packaging boxes, etc., to meet the special requirements of electronic products.


  • Home Furnishing Industry

Box-type forming machines are used for household product packaging, producing household product packaging boxes, kitchen product packaging boxes, bathroom product packaging boxes, etc., to meet the special requirements of household products.


In conclusion

In short, the Box Forming Machine is an indispensable part of the modern packaging industry. It significantly improves packaging efficiency and quality through automation and precision operation. Whether it is a semi-automatic or fully automatic model, it can meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes and help them maintain their leading position in the fierce market competition.

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In the modern packaging industry, a box erecting machine is an automated equipment used to convert flat cardboard into cartons that can be erected, closed and filled. This kind of ...
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