Paper Carton Erecting Machine

HBJ-D2000 Paper carton erecting machine

HBJ-D2000 Paper carton erecting machine

Product Description

Option: Air blowing heater sealing system

HBJ-D2000 is an ideal choice to produce takeout container, hamburger boxes, food tray, etc. It adopts micro-computer, PLC, alternating current frequency converter ,the vacuum-sucking paper feeding ,auto gluing. 

All of these main parts and electric control system adopts imported brand to guarantee steady working, precise positioning, smooth running, safety and reliability operation

Technical Specification

Type HBJ-D2000
Production capacity 100-300 pcs/min
Suitable Material: 200-600g/m2 corrugating paper thick:1.5mm
Length: L100-450mm, degree:5°-40°
Width: B100-600mm
Hight: H15-200mm
Suitable Material: 160-600g/m2 card paper,corrugating:1.5mm
Total Power: 3KW
Total Weight: 2.2T
Overall Dimension: 2300 x2200 x 2100 mm
power source 380V 50HZ

Main Feature and advantages:

The carton erecting machine is highly efficient. The working speed is 100-300pieces per minute. Use double forming stations design to produce different kind of boxes each station. It can do different size and shape boxes through changing mold.. 


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