Hot Foil Stamping Machine

PYT-1080Q Hologram Foil Stamping Machine

PYT-1080Q Hologram Foil Stamping Machine

Product Description

PYT series Automatic Hologram Hot Foil Stamping Machine is designed as the new generation product; it is used for automatic stamping roll material that after the printing,laminating. It is suitable for the production of carton, paper cup, surround-bidding label, card paper pressing convex, portable paper bag, paper cover , PVC, and various plastic material etc. The main motor is controlled by AC frequency conversion speed regulator; the main transmission system is equipped by air clutch brake equipment; the oil lubrication system protects the machine movement; detection system for the whole machine running, all the factors which mention above making the machine running steadily. The machine equipment adopts high precision color photo-electrical automatic trace detection, servo motor automatic locating system. 

Max unwinding diameter 1300mm
Maxi stamping size 1050*750mm
Max paper feeding length 750mm
Suitable material 80-300g/m2
Capacity 50-110times/min
Electric hot plate power 15KW
Main power 35KW
Working pressure 150T
Power 380V 50HZ
Weight 18000KG
Overall Dimension 12*3*2.8m



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