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Ruian Daqiao Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd(DAKIOU),as a developer and manufacturer of carton erecting,paper cup,roll die cutting and other paper packaging machines,DAKIOU looks back on extensive experience and fast develop speed in this field. Start from 2002, high performance models have evolved thanks to the commitment and know-how of our employees, intensive research and development, and the steady exchange with our customers our customers on their needs and ideas.

Instead of the traditional mechanical process, we adopt the advanced computer-aided design software, AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS which provide advanced technology ensure the quality, efficiency, as well as the accuracy of the process drilling, cutting, milling, grinding and other key components of the machining process. The Standardized management system and the systematic quality assurance system prompt DAKIOU products become one of the world's most impeccable products.





product description

PY-950S/1100S/1200S Full Stripping Roll Die Cutting Machine

Roll Die Cutting Machine Supplier_Roll Die Cutting Machine

PY Automatic Full-stripping Roll Die Cutting Machine can complete full steps from roll to finished product including die cutting, creasing, stripping and collection. It is an ideal equipment for producing paper box, cover, express bag, cards, etc. for post-press packaging.

Technical Specification

Type PY-950S PY-1200S
Precision: ± 0.10mm ± 0.10mm
Capacity 90-150 times/min 90-150times/min
Max cutting size: 950 x540mm 1200 x640mm
Max feeding Width: 950mm 1200mm
Suitable Material: 100-600g/m2Pe coated paper, cardboard paper, Kraft paper, etc.  
Maximum Pressure: 350T 350T
Total Power: 30KW 32KW
Weight: 13T 15T
Overall Dimension: 10000 x 4000 x 2000 mm 10200 x 4150 x 2000 mm
Working Air Source: Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa


HBJ-D800 Paper carton erecting machine

Roll Die Cutting Machine Supplier_Paper carton erecting machine

HBJ-D is an ideal choice to produce hamburger boxes, French fries box, food tray, lunch box,Chinese noodle box, hot dog box, etc. It adopts micro-computer, PLC, alternating current frequency converter, the vacuum-sucking paper feeding, auto gluing, automatic paper tape counting, and chain drive. All of these main parts and electric control system adopts imported brand to guarantee steady working, precise positioning, smooth running, safety and reliability operation It can make more than 10 types boxes. If the box is not in blow list, please show us your sample.

Technical Specifications

Type HBJ-D800   HBJ-D1200
Production capacity   50-180 pcs/min 80-320pcs/min
Suitable Material  200-600gsm card paper,PE coated paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper  
length L100-450mm,degree:5°-40°  
width B100-600mm B100-400mm
  Height H15-200mm Height H15-200mm
Total Power 5KW  6.5KW
Total Weight 1.8T 2.5T
Overall Dimension  3600 x1500 x 1700 mm 3600 x 1800 x 1700 mm
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