Paper Cup Forming Machine

ZW-D Automatic paper bowl forming machine

ZW-D Automatic paper bowl forming machine

Product Description

ZW-D Paper bowl machine is an automatic environmental machine with multi-running positions. This machine runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding, cup-fan-wall sealing, oiling, bottom punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding, tripping and troubles warning, counting, etc. It is the idea equipment for producing paper bowl, fast noodles bowl and other paper containers. If you need double PE coated paper bowls or paper gram higher 300kg, we recommend you to add the ultrasonic set for the machine, it can produce both single and double PE coated paper cups.

Paper Bowl Size: top diameter:85-140mm
                            Bottom diameter:75-110mm
                            Bowl height:50-110mm

Technical Specification

Type ZW-D
Production capacity 30-45pcs/min
Suitable Material: 150--350g/m2 single or double PE coated paper
Total Power: 4KW
Total Weight: 2800KGS
Overall Dimension: 2800 x1200 x 1600 mm
power source 380V 50HZ/220V 50HZ



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